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Spazio Popolare Neruda


A stork, an elegant migratory bird, has nested on the roof of a building occupied by families living in “emergency housing”, and they have now been living in these conditions for several years.In the nest the crew has hidden the symbol of the infinity. They wanted to represent the fact that over the years, generation of families from all over the world always have emigrated. These events  have always occurred in the history of humanity, and nothing can stop them.

In questi giorni una cicogna, elegante migratore, ha deciso di nidificare a Torino, tra le vecchie borgate di Valdocco e Borgo Dora, sul tetto dello Spazio popolare Neruda, una realtà che esiste da diversi anni e che ospita famiglie in emergenza abitativa.

Di Wasp Crew

Writing And Sketching Projects.
Wasp is the name of the crew created by two Italian street artists – Eddyone a.k.a. Edoardo Kucich and Ride a.k.a. Gabriele Guareschi. They’ve been collaborating since 2007. Starting as a crew, each one works on his own style. In 2015 they put their skills and creativity together to create murals that deal with contemporary issues of our society.


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