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Desire to travel


“It’s really difficult, both in geography and morality, to understand the world without leaving your own home.”

We got inspired by Voltaire’s words, the artwork is structured as a triptych, as we try to deal with the three stages we spotted in the “Journey” topic we’ve chose. From the left to the right we have: “Amazement and discovery”, “Growth and change”, “History and remembrance”.

growth and change

L’esigenza di viaggiare

“È ben difficile, in geografia come in morale, capire il mondo senza uscire di casa propria”.
Ispirati dalle parole di Voltaire, abbiamo pensato all’opera come ad un trittico, affrontando le diverse fasi di crescita che può portare un viaggio; da sinistra: “Stupore e scoperta”, “Crescita e cambiamento” e “Vissuto e memoria”

Di Wasp Crew

Writing And Sketching Projects.
Wasp is the name of the crew created by two Italian street artists – Eddyone a.k.a. Edoardo Kucich and Ride a.k.a. Gabriele Guareschi. They’ve been collaborating since 2007. Starting as a crew, each one works on his own style. In 2015 they put their skills and creativity together to create murals that deal with contemporary issues of our society.


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